Razz Poker

What is Razz Poker?

Razz Poker is a specific Poker Type, which is somewhat similar to more commonly known game – Stud Poker. In Razz players receive 7 hole cards, 5 of whom are used to create the best possible combination.

Because Razz is a lowball game, the best possible combination is A2345. You can learn more about combinations in our Razz Hand Rankings article.

This game is also played in several variations, which include Limit, Pot Limit and No Limit ones. You can learn more and compare them in our Razz Poker Types page.


How to play Razz Poker?

Unlike as in Hold’em or Omaha, combinations such as Flush or Straight doesn’t exist in Razz. Hands are valued in a completely different way – the lower your cards are, the better. If you are a Razz newbie, we’d strongly advise you to visit our Razz Poker Rules section, which will cover everything on the How To Play Razz Topic.

If you are looking for some sound advice regarding strategy, we have something for both, Razz Cash-Games and Razz Poker TournamentsWhile the strategical advice will be at a basic level, it will be enough to beat the competition.


Where to play Razz Poker?

This is a relatively new game that has just been starting to enjoy popularity on the internet. While this means that the games will be very soft and players will be far from being knowledgable, it also makes finding games harder.

Luckily we’ve covered the ”where to play it” aspect and have 3 great Razz Poker Sites to offer. Each of these sites has been tested by ourselves and is trustworthy and reputable. On top of that, each also has Razz Games offered. 

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