Games Similar To Razz – Stud Poker

Games similar to Razz Poker

The only Poker game which is similar to the game of Razz Poker is Seven Card Stud, this is a much older game than Razz Poker and it is in fact the game which made Razz Poker possible, as they based several different aspects of Razz Poker around this age old classic Seven Card Stud Poker variant.

If you like playing Razz Poker and now fancy giving the game of Seven Card Stud Poker a try then you will find it is very easy to play once you have mastered the different rounds which make up each game. To show you just how easy this game is we have got an overview of how each part of the game plays below, give this guide a read through and you will be playing it in no time!

Seven Card Stud Poker

Ante – This is an obligatory wager which all players who are wishing to play in the next game of Seven Card Stud Poker are obliged to place into the middle of the table, once all players have done this then the dealer can set the next game in motion, and the first part of this is to deal out three cards to each player.

Bring In – Once the first three cards have be dealt to each player who is playing Seven Card Stud the player who is showing the lowest upward facing card is then obliged to place the Bring In bet.

Fourth Street – This is in effect the second round of betting and the dealer will then deal out to each and every player another card, and in this round it is the player who is showing the highest valued card who is then obliged to start the next round of betting.

Fifth and Six Streets – When the game reaches the fifth street, you will then be dealt out your next card, which is then followed by another round of betting and then the game moves onto the next round.

Sixth street – This is much like the above round with another card being dealt out to all players remaining in the game and this deal is then followed by another round of betting.

Seventh Street – This is the final part of the game where all remaining players in the game get dealt their final card and this card is always dealt face down. The final round of betting takes place and you are tasked with making the best possible five card Poker hand as per the hand rankings for the game, the best one from all players remaining is deemed to be the winning hand.

The best way to discover whether you prefer to play either Razz Poker or the similar game of Seven Card Stud Poker is to give both games some playtime, and you will be able to do this completely free of charge by playing both variants online.

Many online poker sites offer both these poker games and as such you have nothing to lose by playing them in a free play mode and as such you will soon discover which game you prefer to play and maybe which one you are more skilled at playing!