Razz Poker History

Razz Poker History

As the game of Razz Poker is a variant of Seven Card Stud, then it is safe to say that its history can be traced to shortly after the latter named poker game was invented! Whilst not as popular a game as its predecessor you will find it is offered at most of the major online poker sites.

Razz Poker did have a major milestone in the year 1971 when it became a game available and listed at the World Series of Poker, and it proved to be a very popular tournament, more so with experienced Seven Card Stud poker players who like the similarity between their usual game of choice and that of Razz Poker.

It regards to the history of Razz Poker in the online gambling environment then this is much easier to trace, and whilst the first online poker sites became live in the mid to late 1990’s Razz Poker was often an overlooked game which only became an option to play online in the 2000’s.

It is true to say however that you are not going to find the game readily available to play in all online poker sites, you will find it available at several such venues, and whilst in no way as popular as more established poker games such as Texas Hold Em you can be fairly confident about finding a table at which to play when you find an online poker site offering the game.

Online Razz Poker Tournament History

There has been something of a revolution in regards to the number of online poker sites who have started to offer Razz Poker Tournaments, and this number has been growing steadily since the mid 2000’s, and as such you will find quite a diverse number of such tournaments on offer.

Whilst freeroll Razz Poker tournaments are not readily available you will find plenty of paid to enter tournaments on offer, and the prize money offered has become more and more attractive to players as the number of entrants has continually grown over the years.

Should you be considering on entering a Razz Poker tournament then it can often pay dividends for you to do some shopping around in regards to the poker site at which you are playing as the more busier a site is then the bigger and better the prize pools for these tournaments will obviously become.

However many savvy Razz Poker tournament players will stick to the lesser populated poker sites, as the fewer players who are entering these tournaments then the better the odds of them actually ending up in a prize paying position will become.

Razz Poker Tournament Winners

One recent land based Razz poker tournament winner was Phil Hellmuth, he managed to bag himself the $182,793 top prize payout as the winner of the 2012 World Series of Poker Event number 18, $2,500 Seven Card Razz Poker tournament.

In 2011 the winner of the $2,500 Seven-Card Razz Poker Event number 44 Tournament was Rep Porter who bagged himself the top prize of a huge $210,615. There were 363 entrants taking part in this tournament which proves Razz Poker is very popular with players. The second placed entrant was Stephen Suwho took the second place prize of some $130,075.

Should you fancy taking part in a Razz Poker tournament then you will find plenty of them available online, and of course the main difference about playing online as opposed to entering the land based poker tournaments listed above is the entry fee is not going to cost you as much, admittedly the prize pools won’t be as big as the land based events but everything is relative!