Horse Poker


If you have come across the name HORSE Poker before and are wondering what exactly it is, then it is simply a game of poker which unlike standard games which all revolve around the same base game, this one has different parts to the game whereby you play a different variant of poker.

The name HORSE is in fact made of of the first initial of the different poker variants used in this game, well as near as possible, so Texas Hold ‘Em is the first game played (Hold ‘Em is where the H comes from!) followed by Omaha Poker, then the game of Razz, next the game of High Low Seven Card stud Poker is played followed by Seven Card Stud Split Eight Poker (Eight is the E!).

The different poker variants used to make up the HORSE Poker games are usually limit games, however it is not unheard of for the final round of such tournaments to be no limit games.

The popularity of HORSE Poker was increased back in 2002 when it became one of the games offered at the Word Series of Poker, and from that day on it has continued to be a very popular game indeed and one on which players really do need to keep their wits about them and know each individual poker variant inside and out if they want any chance of making it though each round.

Playing HORSE Poker Online

Should you be getting the urge to give HORSE Poker a try then we are pleased to inform you that you can now play HORSE games in both free and real money ring games and tournaments. There are a growing number of online poker sites where you can settle down and give this game a try so do some research to find out which ones are offering the best incentives to sign up and play.

There are a few little hints and tips we can give you in regards to the things you should be looking out for from any online poker site which offers the HORSE Poker game, and the first thing you should always check is whether players living in your jurisdiction are indeed permitted to play at the venue, and also make sure you can deposit and play in your home currency.

By playing HORSE Poker in your home currency you are not going to have to suffer any movement in the exchange rate values which could and often do reduce the value of your withdrawals when you come to making a cash out.

It is also imperative that you are receiving completely random cards when playing each different game which makes up HORSE Poker and as such you should stick to playing it only at fully licensed and regulated poker sites where you know you will be getting fair and random games no matter when you decide to play HORSE Poker.

One final tip we can give you for finding a poker site that will let you sit down and play HORSE Poker is to find one which has plenty of players signed up to that site, the busier the poker site is the bigger and better the prize pools are going to become, and that can often make the difference between winning a modest amount in the HORSE Poker tournaments or walking away with a life changing amount of cash!

Also make sure you get as much practice in as you possibly can, the only way you are seriously going to be able to master HORSE Poker is by playing it time and time again, and this is going to take a lot of time, patience and of course effort!