Razz Poker Strategy

Razz Poker Strategy

As you will probably be already aware when you are playing Razz Poker you are aiming to get the lowest ranked hand, and this is where a Razz Poker strategy will differ from all other poker playing strategies, and call for you to play your hands differently than for example when playing Texas Hold ‘Em poker.

When you have been dealt your initial three cards, then you will be ideally looking to play only a hand which does not contain either a pair or any hand which contains cards with a value higher than an eight, however it is also worth bearing in mind how many opponents you are playing against as occasionally you will still stand a chance of winning the pot by playing hands containing cards with a higher value than eight.

However the perfect Razz Poker playing strategy will dictate that you should forget about playing hands which do indeed contain cards higher than eight or any hand containing a pair of matching cards.

You should also be keeping your eyes on other players Door cards, as this will give you an idea how likely it is for you to make a pair as the game progresses, for if you see Door cards which are the same as the ones in your low hand then the chances of you making a pair as the game moves on will become unlikely, not impossible but unlikely!

Stealing the Antes

One way for a savvy player to increase their winning chances is to blatantly or perhaps not so blatantly steal all of the Ante and Bring In In bets which have been placed by your fellow players.

The easiest way to do this is when you are the player who is sat to the right hand side of the player who placed the Bring In bet, and should all of the other players you are playing against have folded their hands and you have a lower card showing than that of the remaining Bring In bettor then by raising your bet you can often make that player fold.

Whilst this betting move is by no means fool proof you can have a lot of success when playing it more so if that last remaining player is not the most savvy of Razz Poker players, if he or she is then be aware you may end up with a battle on your hands so do not be over zealous in repeatedly making this move!

Bankroll v’s Table Razz Table Limits

You should always have enough funds available in your bankroll to enable you to have a decent sized Razz Poker playing session, and this is where many novice players will make mistakes by player at tables with limits in play that their bankroll cannot possibly sustain for any length of time.

Always equate the table stakes limits to your bankroll, and never be afraid of giving the lower table stake games a try even when you have the biggest of bankrolls available, at the end of the day a winning session is a winning session, and trying to go for glory by playing stake levels which are way too high will often result in your ending your session with your tail between your legs!

Playing Razz Poker with Bonuses

To lure you into playing at a Poker site the operators of that venue will offer you all manner of welcome bonuses to get you to play, but be aware unlike online casino bonuses for example these poker bonuses will come with very stringent terms and conditions attached.

So whilst on the face of it some poker bonuses may seem very generous in nature and value once you have ploughed your way through the terms and conditions they can often offer very poor value, and often are not worth you accepting, so always check what is expected of you if you intend to play Razz Poker with any form of bonus.