Razz Tournament Strategy

Razz Poker Tournament Strategy

In regards to you putting into play a sound strategy when playing in Razz Poker tournaments you will of course first need a solid understanding of the way in which this game works and operates, so don’t have any grand ideas of becoming a successful Razz Poker player until you know the game inside out!

However with that said there can be some tremendous value to be had by entering into a Razz Poker tournament, as many players blissfully overlook this game when playing online poker and as such the prize pools which are on offer can often be there for the taking.

So should you see a Razz Poker tournament listed and notice a lack of entrants then make sure your get you entry in as quickly as you can, for the fewer players who are taking part will give you much better odds of ending the tournament in a prize paying position on the Razz Poker tournament leader board.

Risk Taking in Razz Poker Tournaments

There is a find balance to be made when you are playing in a Razz Poker tournament in regards to the way you play. You will often find players tend to take great risks when they are in such tournaments by attempting to bluff their way to winning the pot by virtue of the visible Door card.

Whilst it is true to say many player can often be forced to fold their hand when faced with a dominant player, you could often find you are taken to the cleaners by the more experienced Razz Poker player when trying to bluff your way repeatedly.

One move to always be on the look out in Razz Poker Tournaments is the players who are trying to steal the Ante and Bring In wagers, once again it is their Door Card which is what will help them do this, so if you have a fairly decent hand and you are the Bring In bettor and just one other person remains in play, then go for it, as that player may indeed be bluffing.

Strength of your Hand

You will be looking to play only hands which are low in value when playing Razz Poker in either standard cash games or via a tournament, and as such should your hand contain a pair of indeed any cards which have a value greater than eight, then you need to let that hand go.

You will stand virtually no change of winning with a pair in your hand or indeed high valued cards, especially if you are sat playing against five, six or seven other opponents, and as such you really do need to learn when the time is right to simply fold your hand and wait for a better ones to be dealt to you.

However should your hand be one of the lowest ten ranked hands in Razz Poker then never be afraid of going all the way with that particular hand, the odds will always be in your favour with such a hand, and it is always the case of the survival of the fittest when playing in any form of poker tournament.

Experience Pays

The more experience you get under your belt in regards to the actual number of Razz Poker games you have played will give you a better insight into how the many different hands are played by your fellow players.

You should try playing Razz Poker for free or should you see a Razz Poker free roll tournament being offered then what better way to get to know the ins and outs of the game than by playing at no risk. Experience does always pay dividends and the more you play Razz Poker the more you will learn about the intricacies of the game of which there are many!