Razz Poker Types

Razz Poker Types

Razz Poker RulesYou will find three main Razz Poker types the first is a No Limit game, this is quite self explanatory and as such when playing it you will not be limited to any amount of cash you can place onto the table in any one game, if you have it available in your account if you are playing online or in front of you on the table if playing in a land based venue then you can bet that amount.

The second type of Razz Poker game you will come across is the Pot Limit game, this may take a little getting used to if you have never played such a game before, however in basic terms when you are betting you can place as much is in the Pot in the centre of the table, you cannot bet more than that amount but anything up to that amount is permitted to be wagered.

The final Razz Poker type you will come across are the Fixed Limit games, these are quite easy to get your head around and understand, once you have been shown how they work in theory and in practice. So below we have put a guide together showing you how the Fixed Limit tables work.

To begin with you need to be aware that each table you will play at which is a Fixed Limit game will have a stake structure attached to it, so let us use as an example a $2/$4 Fixed Limit game which has a 25% Ante requirement.

In regarded to this type of Razz Poker game all players need to place a 0.50 Ante onto the table to get the game underway, as this is 25% of the minimum Fixed Limit stake, once this has been placed by all players then the game gets underway and the player who has been dealt the lowest Door Card then has to get the game fully underway by placing his obligatory Bring In Bet which is double this Ante wager, so he places a $1.00 wager onto the table.

The other players then will take it in turn to either fold, bet or raise, and if they fold then this costs them nothing more than their initial already placed Ante wager, however if the players wish to bet or raise this costs them $2 each time they do this on the each round until the fifth street where these wagers increase to $4.

The best way for you to get a full understanding of the betting structure of any poker game is for you to get as much practise in as possible and you can do this online by signing up to one of the many poker sites who offer Razz Poker and playing it for free, the majority of sites will be more than happy for you to play this way, and once you are happy you know the ins and outs of the game then you can of course play for real money.

You will also come across another type of Razz Poke game, and these are the Razz Poker tournaments, as with most poker tournaments you are first required to buy in and will be allocated a set number of tournaments chips and as each round progresses then more and more players are knocked out of the tournament until a winner is found.

Razz Poker Tournaments will offer a range of cash prizes based on where each player finishes on the tournament leader ladder, it goes without saying that those who finish in the higher placed positions are going to receive the largest payouts. Those who finish lower down the ladder will not receive anything and as such will have lost nothing more than their entry fee.